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Discussion in 'LSWS 5.0 Release' started by sux0r, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. sux0r

    sux0r New Member

    Eager to know the changes O.O
    Updated: February 2nd 2011
  2. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    It is mainly for ModSecurity 2.5 features, getting closer to be compatible with gotroot rule set.
  3. sux0r

    sux0r New Member

    Last Updated: March 09th 2011
  4. sux0r

    sux0r New Member

    LastUpdated: March 11th 2011
  5. mikegotroot

    mikegotroot New Member

    Great work guys, looking forward to full modsecurity language compatibility!
  6. sux0r

    sux0r New Member

    LastUpdated: March 15th 2011
  7. webizen

    webizen New Member

  8. sux0r

    sux0r New Member

    whoaa...finally :)
  9. NC-Designs

    NC-Designs New Member

    LastUpdated: May 3rd 2011?
  10. webizen

    webizen New Member

    that's correct.
  11. anewday

    anewday Moderator

    Might want to update the homepage. ;)
  12. webizen

    webizen New Member

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