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Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by stairmaster, May 10, 2011.

  1. stairmaster

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    Hi Litespeed,
    We are running vbulletin 3.8.7 on litepseed.

    Some of our vbulletin users are getting '400 bad request' errors especially on firefox.

    '400 Bad Request
    It is not a valid request!'

    I looked in the server log and I see the errors are because the cookies are too long. So I have told the users to clear their cookies and it works for a bit, but then it will start happening again after a while.

    I personally never seem to get this error because I am clearing my cookies all the time anyway, but other people in the office are getting it so I know its true.

    We are using litespeed instead of apache and swapped over a couple months ago because our board is pretty large and the server wasn't handling the number of connections.

    Our Litespeed 'Max Request Header Size' setting is 16k, which is the 'hard' limit, so I suppose we can't make it larger - is that correct?

    Is there a way to affect litespeed so that it will accept larger cookies?
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  2. webizen

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    Max Request Header Size can NOT be larger than 16KB hard limit.

    There is no way to have lsws accept larger cookies. In fact, large cookie should be avoided. It is not a good idea to store large amount of data in cookies.
  3. stairmaster

    stairmaster Member

    Hi thanks
    I have looked further at the cookies and I see that lots of problem cookies are from the open x ad system. I think this is where the problem lies.
    Thanks for clarifying the 16k hard limit.

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