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Discussion in 'General' started by philipm, Sep 16, 2010.

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    I am occasionally getting 503 errors causing litespeed to restart to fix the issue. The problem is that litespeed isn't coming back on-line after the restart. It seems to be intermiten sometimes a week between errors, some times less than an hour. Suggestion on what to check?
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    The problem is the the 503 error is random, I have gone through the log and try to re-produce it to no avail.
    All the modules/extensions are built at the same time as of php, so i don't think there's any incompatibility there.

    Any other way to debug this? like a core dump of some sort?

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    503 errors here too


    I have a similar situation ; the 503 errors appear randomly across the whole site (I'm using vb4 ). Our hosts has recompiled php and installed the latest version and still same error. Now I have finally been able to recreate the error; when trying to edit this thread http://www.aniworlds.net/forum/aw-testing-field/9392-anime-article-index-test-thread.html it gives the 503 error EVERY time. I'm not that advanced in this field and I do not know yet how to access my server logs, our hosts said they now have them in debug mode . Can someone please tell me how I would do so ? Maybe I can post the results here and we can all put our heads together and see what's happening. I would appreciate anyone help at this point . This started to happen after a server upgrade btw, before we had never gotten a 503 before, now I get like 3 to 15 a day and it's incredibly frustrating. Please let us know.

    P.S. I can provide log in with permissions to edit if any staff wants to give it a shot. Just let us know. Thank you so much for your consideration.
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    good for trouble-shooting if issue can reproduce.
    I access the URL, it's normal and no 503. you mean after entering correct password, 503 will happen?

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