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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by illidan, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. illidan

    illidan Member

    I use 2.0rc3 and the server responses 503 Service Unavailable too much. Both on my test server, local server nobody access it except me and on the liveserver, both machines are redhat 9.

    On the liveserver I have not changed the configuration too much only addes 3 virtual hosts and the traffic is too low.

    I was thinking to sell virtualhost with your webserver and start to write a basic control panel, but now I am thinking if I have wasted my time.

  2. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    Happy new year. :)
    Sorry to heard your having trouble with lsws.

    Are you using 2.0RC3 or 2.0RC4?
    503 error is likely caused by the malfunction of external application like PHP or other CGI/FCGI application, misconfiguration or mismatches.

    Is it PHP scripts producing 503 Service Unavailable or other CGI/FCGI?
    Are you using a customized PHP binary or the prebuilt one? If you are using the prebuilt one, are you sure all required PHP modules are included?

    There are big changes in php 4.3.10, if you are using zend optimizer, please upgrade to the latest one. if you are using mmcache + php 4.3.10, please turn off mmcache's optimizeation.

    Is there any thing logged into lsws/logs/stderr.log? If is, those messages should help you identify your problem.

    Please check the lsws/logs/error.log as well.

    If you have a URL will definitly result in 503, please check if the script requires any resource that is not available.

    Really!? That would be really great. Mass hosting is the market we are interested, and the next release will have some nice feature to help reduce the administration work. Is that possible to take a peek at your control panel. ;-)
    We will help you to identify/fix those problems, if you want, you can make the admin interface available to us to help identify the problem.
    Once you know how to deal with those common problems and mistakes in configuration, you will find lsws is reliable and easy to manage. :)

    Best Regards,
    George Wang
  3. illidan

    illidan Member

    On the local server I use LiteSpeed/2.0RC2 with php5.0.1 neither zend nor mmcache not installed. It gives 503 error last time I run phpmyadmin. there is nothing on the lsws/logs/stderr.log and lsws/logs/error.log only startup logs are there. now I changed the configuration of php to log errors in a textfile, when it happens again I will make you know if it is from php or not. I have not looked at the other server yet but I am using a commercial script on it. It has the default installation LiteSpeed/2.0RC4 with php4.3.10 and mmcache on it. from the statistics it gives %60 percent of its hits 503 errors. As you said I would turn off mmcache optimizaton and make you know then.

    On the other hand if the problem is occurs because of php can't it be handled by litespeed and show the error on the page like apache, this would be a big problem. Most of the people debug php with the errors it gaves to he webpage.
  4. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    If traffic volume to your server is not high, you can try turning on lsws debug log by setting "debug level" to high, intensive debug information will be logged into lsws/log/error.log .

    For php 4.3.10, you probably should try "eEccelerator" from http://eaccelerator.sourceforge.net/Home as 4.3.10 breaks the compatibility with mmcache 2.4.6

    Please be aware that mmcache is picky about PHP version, you have to use a mmcache binary built for a specific PHP release, otherwise, you will definitely get 503 error, just run php from command line see if it is ok with current mmcache binary.

    You can turn on warning/error output on html pages by tuning php.ini, but I don't recommend doing so, it breaks the FCGI protocol sometimes which will cause more trouble. However, all the warnings and errors are available in lsws/log/stderr.log.

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