A feature request that would make me SOOOO happy


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You've already got /tmp/lshttpd/.rtreport which is nice, we hook some stats into that... however, what I'd really love to see is a way to associate running external applications with their request information.

Something like:
external_pid: 1234,
start_time: 1471461438.423
user: litespeedrocks
virtual_host: litespeedtech.com
uri: /support/forum
scriptHandler: php55
extProcessorName: lsphp5.5
(the more the merrier here imo: useragent, POST/GET)

... if there was some sort of array like 100 requests long that gets rotated out so you can see recent requests (including pending ones), that would be amazing as well.

... if you could provide web hosts with that information, it would make debugging customer web applications way nicer. As far as I know, there's no good way of looking up the information for a request that is currently being served. So we can come across an account where they've got back-end requests running for too long, but we have no way currently of knowing what triggered those application calls.

Anyway, if this sort of thing existed, it would be a priority for us to implement in our own interfaces because it would be sincerely helpful.

Thanks!!! :cool:


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As was pointed out to me, it appears you guys basically have that (and more) in the GUI. (Real-Time Statistics: Requests Snapshot, with Ext-app Detail checked).

Is there any chance at an API or filesystem interface for that information? Or should I start scraping the admin GUI :p


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Exactly. Is there some way to gather that without requesting that entire HTML page? Maybe some sort of option that dumps just that data in XML/JSON output, or some file similar to /tmp/lshttpd/.rtreport that contained the same information used in that GUI? If there isn't I'll just scrape that HTML.


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Okay, so this is awesome for sure. I've benefited a lot from this... but it makes me want more :)

Is there some sort of way to get a log of that same data, rather than having to poll it all the time?


Just to be clear, the benefit here is having access to HTTP requests that trigger external applications. Being able to tell clearly what request results in an external app hit vs a regular static file is awesome. That's really my goal, is to be able to tell what requests are to external apps and what aren't. It helps tremendously for malicious bot traffic.