Accessing ancester method is fine but asking for child template

Discussion in 'Ruby/Rails' started by clem_c_rock, Nov 19, 2007.

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    I have a strange situation where I'm making a dummy class that inherits from a parent class. it calls the parent method fine but is asking for the child class to provide a view template.

    I'm creating the dummy class for testing purposes in a functional test.

    Heres basically what I'm trying:

    and the error:

    class ParentController < ApplicationController
        def parent_method
            #... code
    class DummyClass < ParentController
         #no child method
    class ParentControllerTest < Test::Unit::TestCase
      fixtures :users
      def setup
        @controller =
        @request    =
        @response   =
      def test_parent_method
        post :parent_method
        assert_response :success
    ActionController::MissingTemplate: Missing template ../app/views/dummy/song_search.rhtml

    I'm sure it's something obvious I'm missing but I'm just not seeing it.

    Thanks for any help,
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    Since we are not full time Ruby/Rails developers, we probably cannot help you much on this, hope there are other RoR developers can help you, however, your question could be get answered questionposting to ruby on rails mailing list.

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