Add ability to specify custom HTTP Header for Client IP in GeoIP


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This is specifically for Litespeed processing GeoIP into the HTTP request headers.

Depending on how your website it setup, the IP header being used by Litespeed for GeoIP isn't necessarily the client IP header. In our case, it is often a proxy IP (CDN middleman) with the client IP being supplied in a different header. As a result, we can't use the GeoIP feature in enterprise.

Unless I have completely missed it, it doesn't appear I can change this behavior.

Adding options to specify the desired header server-wide and/or per-vhost would be very beneficial.

Thank you.


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If web server is configured to trust the request header and update REMOTE_ADDR with the IP from the request header, GeoIP data will be based on the IP from request header. The key is to let Litespeed trust and use the request header to update REMOTE_ADDR.