After Enabling Litespeed All account shows 403 Permission Error.

Hello Team,

I have installed Litespeed server in my whm but after installing all accounts shows 403 error. This might be due to the Litespeed process running for nobody user.

How to resolve this. Please help !

Hello Jon,

I bought Litespeed License through Licensepal . How i can create a support ticket ?

I am not using Litespeed since 7 Days. Please Help !



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Generally, if you buy a license through a reseller, you should log a ticket to your reseller, and your reseller can log a ticket with us if they have any questions.

Each reseller should provide support. You will normally need to ask the reseller when you have technical questions. If you really like to benefit directly from experienced LiteSpeed support team, you 'd better buy the license directly from LiteSpeed store. If saving only $1 or $2 or a couple of dollars for the license, but you cannot get enough support from a reseller, it doesn't seem a good deal.

Anyway, if you any difficulty for the above process, please send an email to with tmp root login, we can take a look.
I can give you $1 or $2 but please help me . and also i want to transfer my license to litespeed directly . how can i do that ? But I need to start Litespeed Server asap.
Below found from error log -
2018-11-12 05:10:06.726085 [INFO] [] [] file permission is restricted for script: /home/patliputralive/public_html/index.php
2018-11-12 05:10:06.726174 [INFO] [] File not found [/home/patliputralive/public_html/403.shtml]

Please Help !
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