any way to run cpanel phpmyadmin through litespeed?

Discussion in 'General' started by aww, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. aww

    aww New Member

    In cpanel they unfortunately run their phpmyadmin through their own (very slow) web server ie.

    Is there any way I can trick the already installed phpmyadmin to run through litespeed so it's more responsive?
    I know I could install another copy but would like to avoid that if possible.
    Maybe some kind of symlink? I have to look up the real path to "3rdparty"
  2. medialayer

    medialayer New Member

    a symlink might work fine. have you tried just using "locate" on your system to see if a "3rdparty" directory exists? I will check on my cPanel dev box too in a little while.
  3. aww

    aww New Member

    Well it might be more complicated than just a symlink since somehow cpanel knows that port 2087 is system-wide mysql access and post 2083 is locked to a single virtual host.

    Just wanted to see if anyone knew already if it was possible. I'll have to experiment and see - also need to consider security issues, I'll have to use htpassword
  4. David

    David New Member

    If you want to give symlink a try, the location of phpMyAdmin is /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/phpMyAdmin.
  5. aww

    aww New Member

    Ah it would almost work except I have open_basedir in effect and php says uh, no.

    If there are any other creative solutions, please let me know...

    I wonder how cpanel gets around the restriction unless they are using their own copy of php somehow.
  6. aww

    aww New Member

    Well in the end its way too complicated.
    The files are owned by cpanel:cpanel and even if I include them in the allowed open_basedir the permissions become a problem.

    Also probably a big security issue.
    I guess separate install it is. Oh well.

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