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Discussion in 'General' started by bhanuprasad1981, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. bhanuprasad1981

    bhanuprasad1981 Well-Known Member

    i temporarily tried to switch on apache to check some script issue to my surprise i found sites are not opening normally they just keep on see loading
  2. anewday

    anewday Moderator

    Standard or Enterprise edition. If it's standard, there is a 5 vhost limit when importing from Apache's httpd.conf file. Otherwise, is there anything in the error_log? Is the php build the same as Apache?
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  3. bhanuprasad1981

    bhanuprasad1981 Well-Known Member

    i use 2 core licensed one , my DC has configured it upon my request as i failed to get any reply at this forum , but new issue is running here , we are having a lot of spam problem , mail ip is banned by yahoo etc sites, they sent me some spam mails which they say are sent from my server those messages are just showing my ip no reference of account , my server management say they cannot help any thing if i use litespeed :(, so past 2 days we are using apache with suphp and modsecurity, any help about how to install them in litespeed or catch spammer while using litespped will be appreciated .
  4. MikeDVB

    MikeDVB Well-Known Member

    You need a competent server administrator to look into this - if your server is properly configured it should be fairly easy to track any spam messages and this has nothing to do with LiteSpeed or Apache

    I've seen other providers/management companies say this - I'm not entirely sure why because in many cases if you didn't tell them that it was LiteSpeed instead of Apache (and they didn't specifically check) they would be able to do all of the same work they would normally do. LiteSpeed is such a good Apache replacement that there is very little difference at all.

    Again, LiteSpeed has nothing to do with mail or spammers - what control panel are you using on the server?

    I'm not sure if I'm allowed to offer but if you want me to look into it I can give you a hand if you want to drop me a PM. Mods: If I'm not allowed to offer assistance just let me know (and drop this last paragraph).

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