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Discussion in 'General' started by Arkadius, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. Arkadius

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    I was wondering if LiteSpeed is able to fully import Apache2.2 Vhosts with all Options, or if theres any drawback.

    On my Setup I have a little include statement at the end of my config which includes the whole "sites-enabled" dir into Apache.

    Litespeed detects them during installation, but will it detect them if I add more ?

    2nd Question :

    this is my current vhost config: www.dorijan.de/vhost.txt

    Important Points for me are:

    ServerAdmin setting was ignored.

    Can I supply my own Error Documents from Apache Config Files ? Since current 3.0RC2 does not recognize them.

    Can I supply my own Autoindex .css Files on a Per User Basis like on Apache ?

    Is there something like mod_cband that lets me output transfer data for each vhost?

    Is there a setting like mod_deflate where I supply file types on a per Vhost Basis to compress or not to compress?

    Can each php Script run under a Pre defined User/Group ? i.e. I Set vhost - 22 to run as userID/groupID 22

    Can litespeed log from several vhosts to one logfile? i.e. all Customers vhost log to /$homedir/logs/access.log

    Thank you.
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  2. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    Are you talking about the import Apache configuration during installation, not the "Using Apache configuration" feature, right?

    The former import Apache configurations into LSWS configurations and you can customize it from our web admin console. The later just read Apache configuration file directly, you can continue managing vhost via Apache's httpd.conf.

    For the later, the answer to your question is NO. it mainly focuses on compatibility with existing Apache control panels like "cPanel" or "Plesk" etc, 3.0 works well on that right now. For hand customized httpd.conf, it may not work that well though.

    For the former, the answer is Yes and No. The import script will import the basic Apache configurations and create a LSWS configuration as the base for customization, on top of that, you can customize it to match your existing Apache configuration for most features. If you do not use a control panel, just manage httpd.conf with a editor, I think it is better to use our web admin console.

    All of the features you requested can be done with LSWS, but it does require customizations on the configuration imported from Apache. If you provide shared hosting service to your customers, the best choice is to use our vhost template feature instead of import from apache configuration file directly.
  3. Arkadius

    Arkadius Member

    thanks for the answers.

    Regarding :

    >All of the features you requested can be done with LSWS, but it does >require customizations on the configuration imported from Apache.

    you posted, what customizations would I need?

    as for my other questions, I was unable to find Config Settings for mod_cband equivalent, and for mod_deflate equivalent on a per Vhost Basis. I did find a general setting on which files to compress but not a per Vhost Setting to let Vhost 1 compress html&php and let Vhost 2 only use compression on txt files.
  4. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    You are correct about those.
    There is no direct match for mod_cband, however, our IP level bandwidth throttling and connection accounting is pretty close to what mod_cband does, just not apply a per-vhost limit, but in real world use, per IP throttle usually has similar end results.

    For compression setting, we think per server level setting is enough, we hardly think of any situation that some file must be compressed for one vhost but must not for another.
  5. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    If you want to limit the total bandwidth usage, you do need to run a backend cron job to update total bandwidth usage from the cPanel compatible bytes log file, and ban the account from a .htaccess with a rewrite a rule. Just check out how cPanel does that, should not be hard to duplicate that feature. :)
  6. Arkadius

    Arkadius Member

    i don't want to block accounts or something.
    at the moment I am using the xml output feature of mod_cband to create my traffic statistics. this could be done from that bytes.log aswell but i dont really want to rewrite everything and hog up more diskspace with another logfile. i will run out of file descriptors faster than wanted.
  7. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    It is really up to you. ;)

    To me, it will be much easier to parse the bytes log than the XML file. log file is pretty small and can be deleted after processing, diskspace is not a concern to me unless your sites were getting >300hits/secs.

    As to running out of file descriptors, OS limit is can be set to over 100K, to me, should not be a concern even for hosting >1000 accounts.

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