Best web server for beginners?

Hello, I have decent skills with HTML, CSS, and JS.

And I have little info on node.js, but I will improve of course.

But while I'm learning it, I want create my first small website and share it with world.

But tbh I don't know much about backend stuff. First I need to rent a server for this right?

Which web server router login should I rent? How do I know which servers are enough for me? Because I see some servers are expensive and some others are relatively cheap. I don't know which one is suits for me.

Also is there anything else I should know before attempting to this?

Until today I only created local web pages since I'm one frontend boi, but now I want to use some backend stuff too

thank you
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Maybe you can consider using a hosting service, they will take care of the server, DB, backup, firewall .. etc. for you, and you can focus on the site-building.