blockuserinfo_mod cache problem in PrestaShop 1.6 with LSCache module

We are using LSCache module on Panda 1 theme, PrestaShop 1.6 and there is a problem with blockuserinfo_mod module.

These parameters: {$cookie->customer_firstname} {$cookie->customer_lastname}

In this file: public_html/modules/blockuserinfo_mod/views/templates/hook/nav.tpl
(Attached here)

And probably in nav-mobile.tpl

These parameters are cached. So when I visit the site, I see some other customers name. For example when I visit the home page I see Jackie Chan, When I go to Women category I see Bruce Lee, when I visit Men category I see my own name.

Actually the first one who visits a particular page, their name will be cached.

I have already added this module to customization. But it does not work. Here is the settings for this customization: