Build PHP 5.3.18 with LiteSpeed 4.2.1

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    Step 3 : Preparing for building PHP 5.3.18 Binary

    Stopped due to Error. Please manually fix it.
    Main Status:

    **MAIN_STATUS** retrieved from /home/lsws/phpbuild/buildphp_1353627357.1.progress
    Preparing all source code for building PHP 5.3.18 with LSAPI
    php-5.3.18.tar.gz already downloaded, use the saved copy.
    Extracting PHP source archive: tar -zxf php-5.3.18.tar.gz
    Retrieving mail header patch from
    Patching source with mail header patch
    Retrieving LSAPI from
    Extracting LSAPI archive: tar -xzf php-litespeed-6.1.tgz
    **ERROR** Could not extract LSAPI archive

    This file don't exist in litespeedtech servers: - 404 Not Found
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    Thanks. uploaded, please try again.

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