cache getting purged between browser sessions

Hi I'm very new to litespeed. I have it setup on an ecommerce website with virtuemart. very often when I navigate thru the site I'll hit a category, on first load the page is slow then when I go back to the page its obviously been cached. so LS is obviously working, but if I leavae the website alone - say 10mins then come back and start to navigate about those same pages seem to load slowly again. Its almost like the cached pages are being purged and then not recached.

from my understanding if a page is cached, then its should be the same cached page that ALL users would then see. Unless I have somehow set all caching to private?

The re-cache feature just doesn't seem to do its job - something I have misconfigured?
Once the site has recached Idealy Id like to be able to hit the site in a new session and ALL(or most) pages should be coming from cache. but this doesnt seem to be the case.

Apologies if my terminology is is off.

Many thanks

I wonder if theres a modification I can make to recache part of The virtuemart component for litespeed. One that gets the jRoute url instead of the non sef url and caches that? I have a feeling that its not caching the sef version of the url by default
Ive finally figured it out - enabled the crawlser etc and now I'm getting Hits for everything. Although setting the cache features in the web admin didnt seem to take effect. I had to edit the conf files directly and do a graceful restart