Cache problem in crisp chat service


I'm using an online chat service called crisp for my PrestaShop 1.6 website. I'm using LS 1.2.5 and have a problem with users' emails. Crisp checks if the user logged into an account or not, if he/she is logged in, it will automatically get the email and will send messages (chat history) to that email. It worked perfectly before LS. but lately, messages sent to different emails. for example, I'm chatting with customer x but it shows customer y email for me. It seems Litespeed has a problem with the customer account module or I have to change some sort of settings for caching?
I'm using panda theme by sunnytoo (if it matters)Please let me know if you have any idea about this.

Thank you.


Staff member
How does Crisp check if the user logged into an account or not? look like Crisp could not detect such on cached pages. You may need to talk to crisp developer to find a solution.