Cache problem

I have a problem with cache module.
I need one of the modules to render dynamicly without cache or cache might be stored separately for each user.
For now I have a next problem:

when visitor is not logged-in - all works correctly - here no visitor data in source of page

but when visitor logged-in - I see incorrect visitor data. Visitor logged under email, but on site I see email (as prevously login)

if visitor log out and login again I see old login data.

If I clear all cache then data on page is up-to-date

PS. Sorry for my bad English
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Hi Andrew,

To narrow down the possible issue, may I ask this is OpenLiteSpeed or LiteSpeed Enterprise version?
And which Prestashop version you are running with?

Its just a LiteSpeed Cache plugin
PS version is
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The problem is not in theme. Its a module.
Im tried to add {hook h="litespeedEsiBegin" m="arcontactus" field="arcontactus"} and {hook h="litespeedEsiEnd"} but no effect
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