caching dynamic content serving as static and other instabilities

im having all sorts of weird issue

1 on 1 page youd be logged in the next logged out
2 some pages would load the mobile menu on pc others would not
3 phpinfo.php only reflected changes after renaming the file
4 php changes that should alow large file uploads never let the site upload large files
5 things i would approve (using more then 1 cms so not a developer issue) would take like 10 minutes to register they were approved
6 same with comments posted or anything added would take about 10 or 15 minutes to show up
7 there are error mesages in plesk relateed to apache conf files but i dont run apache i use litespeed ..which should use apache conf files however i cannot regenerate confs or suspend domains from within plesk because its trying to restart httpd

my sites have been barely usable for far too long
hosts tech supports nearly useless


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You are using plesk control panel for some CMS right? WordPress? do you use LiteSpeed cache plugin for wordPress?
seems you mixed different issues into this one thread. Actually they are different issues and should be fixed from different place.
anything about cache (login or login , or mobile cache) should be specified CMS name. If wordpress, we are not aware of any issues you mentioned.

for PHP, update settings etc, you should change php.ini plesk used and restart PHP. on Plesk, LSWS will read apach conf adn hence any domain changes to be applied to apache conf and a web server restart to take effected. If you can not generate confs, seems a plesk issue and you can log a ticket with plesk support desk or log a tickets with us to take a look.

I would suggest split your questions one issue for each but with more details so that we can understand your situation and provide a more precise recommendation.
thanks for reminding me of an important clue the conf files show errors and wont regenerate
there are a bunch of mixed diferent issues the conf files in plesk show errors
also various cms's jamroom for the on a few bigger ones and the 1 huge, small wordpress skadate
issue affects phppinfo.php and all them ..i think not sure bout wp but all the rest are affected weirdly


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If plesk can not regenerate apache conf files, you might consider to log a ticket with plesk.
If other error, expecially if it is realated to LiteSpeed, please past error in full here.
For php.ini issue, if you have root access, you can just ssh to your server and change it.
For LiteSpeed wordpress cache issue, we need to see the details of the issue. example URL and steps to see the problem.