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    Our lightspeed 4.2.4 server is configured to cache from our caching server (Server>External App>caching web sever).
    everything works fine when lsws server has a connection to our caching server, but if the connection breaks then the website (from the chacing on the lsws) will load very very slowly and after ~2 minutes we receive 503 "Service Unavailable" error.

    So it does cache but it loads the site at a very slow speed, and after a few minutes we get the 503 error.

    We want that if the connection between lsws server and the caching server breaks, that it will take the recent website from it's cache and use it.

    I've tried to play with the caching times, but it didn't solve it.

  2. NiteWave

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    >Our lightspeed 4.2.4 server is configured to cache from our caching server (Server>External App>caching web sever).

    can you give more detail about how to configure it ?
  3. MaximB

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    I've setup a LSWS server to act as a caching server for one website, the LSWS server is configured to cache requests for an External App configured in the Server Level.

    LSWS Server IP:
    Origin Server IP:

    Each time i go to it show's me the HTML page hosted on, and i can see that the caching is working fine.

    The Problem:
    When there is an outage or for any reason server lost the connection to the server LSWS displays 503 Service unavailable, if LSWS already got a cache for the page and I've set the Expire time to 600 seconds even tried to raise it to 3600 seconds it should still serve the cache.

    bottom line, the purpose of using LSWS as a caching server is to maintain cached copies of the website for at least 30 minutes, even if there is a communication problem with the origin server.

    Thanks in Advanced.
  4. NiteWave

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    if the URL already in cache and not expire, you'll get the cached page no matter how backend down or online.

    but if URL not in cache at all, will return 503 error.

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