Can't enable litespeed cache


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Hello, today i setup litespeed cache for magento, but it's some thing wrong when i enable it.
i have done all this step
but still stuck here:
When i get system >> configuration >> lite mage configurationm, this error showup:
As u guy can see, I enable it "Yes" and i also add this code to the top of .htaccess

<IfModule Litespeed>
LiteMage on
and it still not work, i try to access the website, and this is result:
server is litespeed but no "x-litespeed: hit,mage"
Can some one help me? pls

Jon K

Staff member
Huy, you may want to contact your hosting company to take a look. It usually means that LiteMage is turned off at some level which is stopping you from enabling it.