Cookies window in cache

i have a problem with the module Cookies - GDPR Cookie law (bloc avant consentement) v1.1.5 - par idnovate
normaly the cookies window normaly appear one time when you arrive on the website... you accept and, after, you don't see more this window... now, with litespeed, it appear each time i change to another page on the website... how can i fix it?
the web site:
thank you very much for helping


finaly the problem cannot pbe resolved by the developer... someone here as a solution?
i seen this link about the eu module coookie law :
but this module don't respect the law... it don't block cookie before consentment... that's why i change for another one...
i tryed to adapt these setting to my module but it doesn't work... perhaps someone can help me to try to add a new ESI block ? thank you...