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    I"ve spent the last couple of hours looking over your product and I am very impressed. I've used apache, thttpd, and zeus webservers extensively in the past and I've found litespeed to be very easy to configure and it includes almost everything anyone could ask for. With that said I do have a few suggestions.

    1. Adding throttling settings on a per virtual host level. Currently it is only configurable server wide.

    2. Have the admin area not use the same configuration as the main webserver. I have set restrictive throttling options and found the admin to take on those same options which makes using the admin very difficult.

    3. Taking off the /blocked, /cgi-bin, and /protected errors in the admin log. They don't really cause any functionality problems by not being there. Another

    4. Storing virtualhost access and error logs by default in $SERVER_ROOT/logs/virtualhostname/

    5. More extensive or changed documentation/tip system built into the admin. I'd like to see documentation geared more toward newer users.

    Let me know if those help.
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    Thank you for trying our product and your feed back.

    Yes, it is on our to do list. Throttling is going to be at IP level, virtual host level or both. And each virtual host could has its own qouta for IP throttling.

    It will not be a problem after virtual host level thottling is implemented.
    Actually, there is a work around for it currently. You can set the IP or sub network that you access the admin interface from as trusted in server level access control list by appending a "T" to that address, like "".

    No sure what it is :?:
    You probably should remove those contexts if you change the "example" virtual host to other location.

    Locations of all log files are configurable through the web interface.
    It is a personal preference and Your suggestion is a good idea as well :)
    We will add a feature called virtual host template to address this.

    Definately, we are working on it.

    Thank you for your suggestions, they are definitely helpful for us to make it a better product.
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    When the directories don't exist it creates errors in the admin log. I would suggest taking off the warnings all together or have them created by default when you reload the settings for the virtual host.

    I have your screenname added to my AIM buddy list. I'd like to speak with you further about some questions I had about your company.
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    We think it is not appropriate to ignore or to create the directory automatically (may not have the permission), it should be resolved manually.

    Can you please send your question to


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