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Discussion in 'Use Cases' started by anything, Jun 17, 2011.

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    normally we use litespeed in complicated crazy high load environments. but I happened to be doing a plain old simple cpanel install and decided to use litespeed there also because we use suphp.
    im used to installing litespeed and configuring it myself so I was prepared to go through the setup, change all the options i like, install dependencies, prepare and compile php myself/etc.
    but instead I followed instructions for the cpanel plugin. 10 seconds later litespeed is installed. one click + 5minutes later php is compiled and installed. next click its swapped from apache to litespeed.... and im done. I was impressed how easy it was.

    because its so easy to swap back I did some quick apache bench tests.
    I did not touch the server config at all, just wanted a quick baseline comparison with nothing special or magical done.
    tests were done from another server 0.6ms away on a 10mbit internet connection. suphp is enabled. I did several tests but included only one result here, the results were similar no matter what test i tried.

    <? print "hello"?>
    ab -c 20 -t 120 -n 200000 http://.../test.php
    Requests per second: 406.75 [#/sec] (mean)
    observed load average: 1.61

    ab -c 20 -t 120 -n 200000 http://.../test.php
    Requests per second: 1977.87 [#/sec] (mean)
    observed load average: 0.28

    1/5th the load, 5x more requests per second.
    is a nice result to see.

    browsing to the forum and writing this post took more time than all of the above combined
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    Thanks for the writing!
  3. avaliaNon

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    cpanel litespeed easy

    I asked about Joomla as a way for me to create my own website. Sounds like it would take some time to learn. How about Cpanel. Is that fairly easy to learn to use?
  4. cmanns

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    If you don't even have a site yet shared hosting would probably be your first stop. Even busy sites rarely need their own system in the case with my hosting.

    CPanel is a pain.

    Next time benchmark mpm event mod fcgid apache and tune the php.conf.
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    Please make sure your site work under Apache before switch to LSWS. Also, LSWS standard edition (only support up to 5 vhost from Apache) would most likely not work for you. You need a licensed LSWS to run.
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