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Discussion in 'Feedback/Feature Requests' started by dlhhyct, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. dlhhyct

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    i was looking at the service page, it says "Premium Support Contract" answers within 1 biz day, but your guys do that on the forum already. so what does contract offers more? does anyone actually buy contract?
  2. xing

    xing LiteSpeed Staff

    Yes, our customers do buy support contracts, and almost all do not go for the standard package but customized ones tailored for each business need. Some only need 24/7 phone incident support in case stuff hits the fan and other might need more hand-holding when it comes performance tuning, configuration, and just regular 8/5 phone support.

    When something goes wrong, there are usually two classes of need. Those that can wait 48+ hours for a real-fix, or those that need it there and then. For some of our customers, 24-48 hours is an eternity and a single incident would've saved them the cost several times of the support/license versus not having 24/7 insurance.

    It basically comes to do your needs, we customize our support plan for each case.

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