Does lsws has multiviews function?

Hi, I just started using lsws se V2.0.7. Before i used apache, I had there function called MultiViews, does lsws has this function ? If yes, how can it be added ?


LiteSpeed Staff
No, LSWS does not have explicit multiview support, but you can use simple rewrite rules to implement some simple multiview functions.


LiteSpeed Staff
Is URL Rewrite enabled? Did you restart the server after configuration changes?

To debug the rewrite rule, you can turn on the rewrite log by setting Log Level to '9', then check lsws/log/error.log

It works for me.
Still doesn't work. I got:
Enable Rewrite Yes
Log Level 9
Rewrite Rules:
RewriteCond /home/www/torrent/$1.php -f
RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ /$1

here what log shows:
2005-09-22 00:59:19.286 [INFO] [] [REWRITE] Rule: Match '/' with pattern '^/(.*)$', result: 2
2005-09-22 00:59:19.312 [INFO] [] [REWRITE] stat( /home/www/torrent/.php ) failed

I'm new to lsws, but I already like this software. Maybe I'm doing something wrong ?


LiteSpeed Staff
rewrite rule should be:

RewriteCond /home/www/torrent/$1.php -f
RewriteRule ^/(.*)$ /$1.php

You are accessing URL '/', this does not work, you should use directory indexing instead, add "index.php" or whatever index file used to "Directory Indexes". if you access "/index" URL, the above rule will serve it with /home/www/torrent/index.php.