Enabling crawlers server level

Can I take this seriously? Isn't the option to turn in on/off standard with the installation, and do they really need to restart any service for it to work, or restart the server? If they need to change configuration files, isn't a reload just enough? BTW it's cPanel server so is restart still required?

"We have to report that, we will not be able to enable the Crawler as this requires changes to be applied on the server configuration and the service to be restarted. Considering that your account resides on a shared hosting along with other clients the server configuration changes and restart can affect them and we cannot allow that.

Having in mind the above, you can consider upgrading to a VPS/DS package. The VPS/DS server is entirely dedicated to you and custom changes can be applied on the server without affecting other users."
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Depends what changes they really have to do.
From a LiteSpeed Web Server perspective, it's a 3 line change:

<IfModule Litespeed>
 CacheEngine on crawler
This can either be done on the servers main config, or it can be done per account basis, then afterward, all that has to be done, is gracefully restart the web server (It doesn't cause any downtime).

More info on how to enable this on server level or an individual virtual host level can be found here: https://www.litespeedtech.com/suppo...ache:lscwp:configuration:enabling_the_crawler

I hope this answers your question!