Errors after switching to apache and back to litespeed

Discussion in 'General' started by azn_romeo_4u, Nov 12, 2008.

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    Today I switched to apache (didn't do anything, no changes to files)
    • Switched back to Litespeed then got a lot of errors
    • mysql and php not working properly, across the entire server
    • I logged into the ls admin cp, and it tells me to upgrade even though I have the latest version. So I do the upgrade anyways.
    • Next I try to recompile php through the whm plugin but I get an error that only shows in red "phpino ()"
    • Next I uninstall litespeed, gonna do a fresh install
    • Then I realize I don't remember my license number. Not sure where to get it either, doesn't seem to be in the modern bill or any of the navigations at the top of the site. Anyone know where do get this license number?

    Also I noticed somethings....
    I reboot the server with apache running. After all the start up stuff, php mysql everything works fine.
    Switch to Litespeed Mysql Fails immediately
    Switch back to apache, a bunch of php and mysql errors happen
    I have to restart apache to get everything working again.

    This is before I uninstalled litespeed. So if I switch to litespeed and back to apache I get mysql errors.

    Okay got my license
    Did reinstall to latest version
    Went to compile php but I get errors in the ls admin cp
    I get the red "phpinfo ()" thing still in plugin for whm as well.

    Should I recompile apache and see what happens?

    Is it possible that it has to do with mysql root password? My forums are reporting that

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