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On homepage of my websitesite (, I have 2 customers opinion widgets "Société des Avis Garantis" :

- a Javascript widget that appears at the top left of the home page

- an Iframe widget in the footer (hook displayfooter)

These 2 widgets work well but no longer appear on the home page after a few hours.

When I purge the cache of the home page in the prestashop module, the 2 widgets appear again and disappear after a few hours.

By creating two ESI blocks for these 2 widgets, would the problem be solved?

And how to configure the two ESI blocks?

Thanks for your help
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can you send a snapshot and circle the two widgets? Are there some special information display there?
Pleaqe see screenshots of the 2 widgets.
These 2 widgets display customer reviews.The information in these widgets may change, for example if a new customer leaves a new review.
Thanks for help



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Seems the widgets need to pull information of customer review dynamically, which will slow down the page load speed. It is not recommened.
To make them as private block, it may need code changes on your widges.
You can join our slack to discuss further with our developers directly. It looks like paid support if you are interested.