Fast Frontend / Slow Backend

Hey guys,

I am very pleased to say that after 2 years I have an acceptable frontend Magento2 loading time. I have tested several hosting providers with non-reasonable time loads (4-7 seconds), but after I tested LSWS I could get 2-3 seconds for non-cache pages. So I am really happy paying for a LSWS licence. It pays itself.

But, although I get fast times for my customers (frontend), the backend panel is slower than before. My backend pages are loading between 10 to 40 seconds so not sure how to debug.

I am using :
  • - PHP 7 (lsphp70)
  • - LSWS version 5.37
    - Magento LiteMage Plugin
  • - Magento 2.2.2
    - Dedicated Server with 32GB RAM + enough CPU
  • - All files are with "nobody:nogroup" permissions.
    - Database is local (same server)



- Is there someplace where I can check "slow lsphp" logs ?
- What else can I try/test to search for the problem ?

Appreciate any help/hint.


Nicolas Mella
PS: Website frontend is running fast ! >>
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10 to 40 seconds a little too long. Make sure opcode cache enabled for your PHP. Can also try to increase memory_limit of your php.ini. As far as the waitQ<0, your PHP SuEXEC Max CONN should be fine. It might also be your mysql database slow. or your have some limit by CloudLinux LVE? or even magento code? Since you got 2-3 seconds for non-cache pages, backend admin should be non-cache pages, unless there is long query from the database, it should not be too long.