Fastcgi and Perl How-to Question

Basically, I am really lost what to do and what I need. For Apache and Lightpttd there are mod_fastcgi variants and it is quite clear what to do.

I searched thought your installation wiki but this point is omitted. I know little about FastCGI, and I cannot figure out myself what to do.

I have already Perl-FCGI installed as the module, but I think I need to tie it somehow to your server to make it work properly. Already server can interpret perl fcgi files. Nevertheless I am not sure - is it the proper way to do, though I did not need to modify external application and context server settings. This happened due to the fact that I could not find out how to create a socket connection between them (and do I need to?), as the author of this module is a bit of a moron, who doesn't supply enough info about how to apply - only some talk about, which is not even included in package.

It is quite about sophistics and sophists, who are unable to understand each other.

Thanks in advance. I am still with youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Sorry for lyrics.

Basically I found the answer myself. Ohh, I am so proud of myself. Despite it is written on (this is super-secret page: visit it only in ultimate emergency) How-to Sheet.
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