fcgi on port 3000? why?

Discussion in 'PHP' started by dreamcat4, Sep 20, 2009.

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    It seems the default / recommended port for LightSpeed PHP SAPI is port 3000. However this conflicts exactly with Ruby on Rails, which is already established to listen on port 3000 as it's requests. RoR is a very popular web service, that many newer hosting providers are running, in addition to php.

    Why not use the port 9000 for this? 9000 is supposed to be the correct port for these. And after all, it's less likely that anybody is ever going to run the old php-fcgi too once they've gone and replaced it with the litespeed one. Indeed, some people will be upgrading from the old fcgi to this newer one. So why make them change their other configuration files to a port that they are already using for something else?

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