Feature Request: Limit Req/Sec and/or Req In Processing

If this has already been posted, please delete/merge with it.

I handle many high traffic sites (some with 10-50k visitors online, and some days 1-2 million visitors), as i think that's the main reason for Litespeed, handle sites with high traffic.

But no matter what webserver, or config, if you can't limit certain aspects, a single user may be able to overload a server, in wich case we would preffer that the site hits a STOP signal, so we(and our client) can check what happened.

CloudLinux helpt a lot on this with all their limits. But every site is a different world, and when you get together many different things with many different limits, i think, you should be able to limit them all.

A few days/weeks ago, i needed to limit the WaitQ, since 99% of the time when WaitQ started to raise, was because there was a wordpress overloaded without cache. easy fix.

Good thing: Litespeed can limit the WaitQ, wich is awesome, poorly optimized site will never fill the http max in litespeed.

NOW, the topic, i would like to be able to limit Req/Sec and/or Req In processing, i have seen (very rare), sites, with very low amount of process, with 0 WaitQ, but, with 900+ req/sec and 500+ Req processing. Since i sell hosting with limits (all shared from very small to very large) i need to be able to limit according to what they pay for, and not let a small plan to have the same connections as a big one, like at server level 300 req/sec or per vhost, since optimizing + cloudflare decreases the requests a lot, but i need to know wich site needs the optimize.

Is it possible at the moment? (i think is not, since i don't want to limit a visitor, i want to limit the account/user/vhost)
It can be made in future?
Anyone else thinks this is necessary? (maybe i am looking for something that nobody else wants).

Thanks for your time.