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Discussion in 'General' started by Mike DiPaola, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. Mike DiPaola

    Mike DiPaola New Member

    Am I the only one who feels sad for Apache? I mean really it's a long long time I've been flaying that flag... not that sad though... sad... that's when my "I think I can, I think I can) chugger of a vps attempts to serve a page request on my WP LMS... (I don't have to spell that one out here do I? learning management system.) You can almost hear it groan... now to be fair it's just a 4 and 4 VPS on Softlayers public cloud and it's development.
    The short version is... server in dev and no traffic, really slow though, php/mysql little swaping and cpu util up.
    php 56
    mysql 5.6.35
    apache Apache 2.4,

    lots of latency, sometimes 5 minutes waiting for plugin to install or activate...
    seems significant set of my issues beyond the reach of faster web server, but planning on it all the same... forecasting steady increase of traffic next 24 months

    php 7
    cloud LINUX
    memcache or other options
    Am I right in my assumption that open litespeed doesn' tcare about CPUs
    also planning wp plugin
    any comments regarding open or not for the server.
    Noticed this in an article by Patrick Sexton on cache control:
    If you have a multi cpu license, you will have access to advanced cache directive via the online configuration.
    If you do not have a multi cpu license then you will need to use the .htaccess file for Cache-Control. The instructions above for .htaccess work for Litespeed servers.

    how significant is this?
    Thanks all...
    Anxious to play.
  2. Mike DiPaola

    Mike DiPaola New Member

    Ran the trial and without any extra configuration really difference was significant. We're changing hardware as we speak and need to make some decisions pretty quick. I was seriously considering enterprise because I could squeeze it in my budget, and I just don't have the time or head space to be sys admin very much.

    Anyway, during this period I've thought a little about how to crack the code on getting any kind of 2 way dialogue here... but seems I'm stumped. The phone evidently is not an option... and I get that... I'm sure somebody would spend all day answering the same questions... ("Just how fast is that web server?" and "Are those bicycles really titanium?")

    2x Intel Xeon Quad-Core E5530 2.4GHz
    CentOS 7 64-bit
    32 GB

    Running WordPress and custom apps which will be migrating to our cloud shortly.... and response time can't be slow.
    Licensing and configuration considerations?
    Any comments would go a long way.
  3. Jon K

    Jon K Administrator Staff Member

    I would recommend for your starting out with either a 1 CPU w/ LSCache or a 2CPU LiteSpeed WebServer License. If you use a control panel and want seamless integration you are basically restricted to only using our Enterprise Edition as it is the only thing that can read Apache Configs.
  4. Michael A

    Michael A Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Mike,

    Just wondering if you figured everything out okay or still need some info/assistance.


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