Forwading https requests

Discussion in 'General' started by dsandrei, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. dsandrei

    dsandrei New Member

    Hi, we have a lslb setup with two webservers behind. We have two listeners set up, one on port 80 for http and one for https on port 443. They route requests through the same cluster. Now, my question is: is there any way of forwarding the ssl requests to the web servers instead of having the lb send the requests over http and handling the security part? The problem is that we are running magento on those servers and if magento receives a non secure request for a secure page it enters an endless redirect cycle.
  2. dsandrei

    dsandrei New Member

    It seems you can't forward https requests as the server handles the encryption and forwards the request over http but it sets the forwarded protocol header so I just looked for that and tricked magento into treating the request as if it was made over https.

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