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    I couldn't figure out why 3.2.x wouldn't enable my 5th account created in cpanel even though the limit is supposedly five.

    After looking at httpd.conf directly (instead of relying on cpanel) I figured out why.

    Apparently cpanel sets up ssl (https) on a virtual host, as another virtual host, and litespeed counts it as a 2nd new virtual host. Also, apparently the server name itself ( is yet another virtual host, which is completely hidden in cpanel and not obvious.

    This is going to be confusing to less skilled cpanel users so I would request that litespeed free edition just counts virtual host names, not ports.

    ie. (port 80) and (port 81) should be only one account out of the five, not two as it does now.

    This should be fair for both the end user and litespeed? If the limit must be five, then at least make it a reasonable five.

    Litespeed needs the hobbyists/non-commercial users for bug reports etc. and if you make it too difficult you will lose the most valuable part of your community. Commercial users tend to only have one plain environment but the hobbyists will always find those unusual apache compatibility bugs you missed ;)

    Thank you for considering and keep up the fantastic work!
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