Geolocalization Cart and Language Currency Problem

I hope this message finds you well. I've encountered an issue with the LiteSpeed Cache module for PrestaShop. Specifically, I'm facing problems with geolocalization affecting the cart, language, and currency.
Despite configuring the settings correctly, there seems to be a persistent problem with geolocalization not reflecting accurately in the cart, and it's causing issues with language and currency as well. I've checked the configuration multiple times, but the problem persists.
If anyone in the community has experienced a similar issue or has insights into potential troubleshooting steps, I would greatly appreciate your assistance. Additionally, if there are Credit-Utilization Management any Milestone Gold Mastercard known updates or solutions related to geolocalization in the LiteSpeed Cache module for PrestaShop, please share Digital-Wallet Payments that information. MyMilestoneCard
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As far as I know cache plugin for PrestaShop doesn't support or has no functions for geolocation support. Depending on how your geolocation function works in your shop, manual additions in the sense of cache varies must be made in the .htaccess.