Google Analytics Cookies are not set

We are running Litemage 1.3.13 and have major issues with Google Analytics Cookies.

I've been told that the Cookies are not set correctly, thus GA cannot track them. I checked the Cookies set by the browser and can verify that no Google Analytics et all are being set.

I have googled a bit yet I haven't found a solution to that issue, nor that any else person had this issue in the past, so I'm a little lost. I expect Litemage and Litespeed not to interfer with the Cookies, however based on what is needed to enable the "Accept Cookies"-Solution it feels like the Google Script is not able to set the Cookies correctly.

Is there any solution for that? Let me know if you need any further information from me.


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it might be some drawback for Google Analytics to retrieve information from cached pages. In term of where break in Geoogle script , it might be time-consuming, you 'd better check with google analytics developer to see why the cookies don't set correctly. which script set the cookie?Did Magento code set cookies? If yes, then you will need to trace why Magento 1 doesn't set cookie correctly. If you believe LiteMage may impact the behaviur, you will need to investigate an particular example URL, when it set correctly, when it doesn't, why you believe it is LiteMage issue, not Magento or Google Analytics? Please provide more technical details.