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    Hi Everyone.

    Am a new user for Lightspeed and i can tell that i am not having much experience with servers.

    There would be many people like me, who would like to use LightSpeed and increase their website performance. And we are set of users, who need bit more information and TIPS for better optimization.

    If your software can have some suggestions for people like me, we will be happy to check.

    I asked MitSwang about poor performance of my server and he gave me many tips, and the performance was better after we corrected those issues.

    So, if the developers can have a system of checking variables and some technique which will perform checks periodically and suggest changes to users, it will be really good.

    It will be like, the server telling me.
    Hey!, your server was having lot of concurrent users last night, consider raising that limit.


    Dear Admin, I am usually running out of Memory during evenings (when traffic is high), consider upgrading RAM on the server.

    Just a few suggestions for improvement on this great software. With such options, it will attract more people.


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