Help Needed: Leftover Code Issue After Uninstalling Ezoic Plugin and Activating LiteSpeed Cache

Hi everyone,
I'm experiencing an issue with some leftover code on my WordPress website after uninstalling the Ezoic plugin. Here's the situation:
  1. I had the Ezoic plugin installed on my WordPress website for some time.
  2. After deciding to remove it, I deactivated and deleted the Ezoic plugin from my WordPress dashboard.
  3. However, I noticed that there seems to be some residual code lingering on my website, but it only becomes visible when I have the LiteSpeed Cache plugin activated.
  4. When I run my website through Page Insights, it flags this leftover code as an error, negatively impacting my site's performance score.
  5. Interestingly, when I completely remove the LiteSpeed Cache plugin, the Ezoic code doesn't show up in the Page Insights report.
Has anyone else encountered a similar issue before? Does anyone have suggestions on how to remove this leftover code completely? I've tried various troubleshooting steps, but haven't had any luck.
Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated!
I appreciate any help you can provide.
Best regards,