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Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by ideaoforder, Apr 5, 2010.

  1. ideaoforder

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    I've enabled "hotlink protection", disabled "allow direct access", and enabled "only self reference". For the most part, this works great. But I'm having issues with Flash files that request other files (i.e. I have a swf that requests an external XML config file, or a Flowplayer instance that requests the the referrer on these isn't local, I'm guessing. Is there a way around this?

  2. mistwang

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    You may have to use rewrite rule to check referrals and add exceptions in the rule. The built-in "hotlink protection" wont be able to do what you need.
  3. Nimda

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    I have a small issue. I did the same what the topic-starter did but hotlink protection is not working for me.

    Enable Hotlink Protection: Yes
    Suffix: flv
    Redirect URL: Not Set
    Allow Direct Access: No
    Only Self Reference: No
    Allowed Domains: domain of a main site i.e where I embed the flv video.

    this is a special vhost aka subdomain named that serves flv videos.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

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