How can I create webmail and cpanel proxies with litespeed ?

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by Monarobase, Jun 14, 2013.

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    We only allow https access to cPanel and WHM. I've got a wildcard SSL Certificate and want to create two proxies :

    1) https // cpanel.hostname.mydomain.tld on port 443
    that proxies to : https // hostname.mydomain.tld:2083

    2) https // webmail.hostname.mydomain.tld on port 443
    that proxies to : https // hostname.mydomain.tld:2096

    Is there an easy way to do this with litespeed ?

    The reason why I need this is that somes internet suppliers block https ports above 1024, and some wifi hostspots do this too. If I could get this working, I would be able to supply URL's to my customers who can connect to ports 2083 and 2096.

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    not easy. the difficult part is the SSL backend which is not supported in LSWS proxy. LSWS can proxy (LSWS frontend can be SSL) to a non-SSL backend (port 2082, 2095). if cpanel doesn't do redirect, then it should be ok. you can disable auto redirect in cpanel (WHM => Tweakings => Redirect) if allows.
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    The problem here is that cPanel with Apache does this :

    https // webmail.clientdomain.tld

    Shows an SSL error but once the certificate accepted lets you log into the webmail

    On a litepseed cPanel server, it either redirects to port 2096 if the client doesn't have a SSL certificate shows an error 500 page if the client has got an SSL certificate.

    Is there some way we could at least replecate how Apache runs on cPanel ?
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