How to configure Request Tracker (RT)?


I'd like to use Litespeed rather than Apache to run my RT installation (version 3.8 specifically); supposedly RT can be configured to use FCGI, which would make me think it would work (see this page: but I can't make the translation between the information on that page and how to setup in Litespeed.

Anyone have any pointers, either based off of installing themselves, or off the info on that page and how it maps to Litespeed?


I was poking around in there and some other places, my issue is that I can't figure out how to map the RT settings (from the link I sent) into the terminology of Litespeed. Specifically I think I want to be adjusting the Address and perhaps the Command, but I don't know what to set them to.

The handler i have is located at /opt/rt3/bin/mason_handler.fcgi, and I would think that would be the command, but then I don't know what to set the Address to. I tried setting it to UDS://var/run/rt3/rt3.socket based off the "Configuring RT3 to run with nginx" since I figured it'd be somewhat similar but that doesn't do anything, I get a page not found. I checked out the log file and it tells me "Cannot found appropriate handler for [/rt3/]" (side note: grammar error, should be "cannot find appropriate ...") even though the context is setup.

I verified its seeing the context, because if I type in {host}/rtblah/ then I get a "File not found [/opt/lsws/DEFAULT/html/rtblah/], which is different and shows that it knows there's a context for the /rt3/ path, but its not handing off to the handler. However, I can't find any other log files anywhere so I'm unsure where the disconnect is.

Does it seem like I have the external FCGI app setup correctly? Any other ideas?

How to configure Request Tracker RT

Thanks andreymi,

But, I need to know how to associate a new texture to the world object:

w = World.GetCurrent

tex = Texture.Newmytex
tex.image = img

#now, how can I put this texture to be the background of my scene?