How to fix letencrypt's " inaccessible, please verify" issue?

I have pointed the domain to digital ocean wp openlitespeed droplet but I get this error when I try to install letsencrypt

"Do you wish to issue a Let's encrypt certificate for this domain? [y/N]y inaccessible, please verify." (domain = my domain changed it here)
I even bypassed cloudflare's privacy. My server IP is visible via DNS everywhere. I have set IP via A records.

Can one say how to fix this issue?
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LiteSpeed's Images have all been updated and published on DigitalOcean's Marketplace.
The updates include the latest version and a patch for the Intel CPU MDS vulnerability issue.
If you previously encountered a WordPress 404 issue, please launch and try again. Thank you.
I am having the same issue. I can actually access the site by both IP and domain name, but the prompt to set domain pops up every time I ssh in to a new session. It fails identically to OP, however. I just created the droplet yesterday, so I believe I am using the most recent version. Any advice @Unique_Eric ?


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No problem, if your domain not support www, then you should just use only.
Feel free to open new post with new issues.