how to now about updates

Thanks but, i am only interested in Joomla plugin Also I would like to be notified (by email, per example, or in the Joomla Extensiones Updates)

You can also get news by join litespeed community ( via slack to the the announcements channel.
I have join, but this is also a lot of information. Is there a system to suscribe to updates of the joomla plugin?

Just think that I am a webmaster with a lot of extensiones, plugins, etc. And I can not be reading every day news and releases of things related to everything I use... I just need to be notified if a new update of joomla plugin is released.

there is no mailing list or a "plugin system updates" to notify users about an update of the Joomla Plugin?



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There is no specific Joomla plugin announcement list. But, we do announce it in multiple places when there is a new release. Maybe one of these will be useful to you?

This forum, in General > News:
The LiteSpeed Edge Google Group:!forum/litespeed-edge-users
The LiteSpeed Client Area:
The #joomla-cache channel in our Slack workspace:

A note about Slack: if you find that there's too much noise on Slack, but you want to be kept informed of the Joomla-related news, you can turn off all notifications from our Slack, but then enable them for the #joomla-cache channel only.

I hope this helps!