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    Simple steps to set up Anti-DDoS protection (FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME)
    1. Place an order from
    2. Create an account with your actual information including name and detailed billing address. Order will be marked as Fraud if you fail to enter the real information.
    3. Once you get order confirmation, go to My Services to continue the set up.
    4. If it is a new account, first click Global and Default Settings to set up account level configuration. You can update your default settings at any time.
    5. Click config link under Services to set up the domain that you want to protect. Move your mouse over to field names and you can see the pop-up tips on the field values. List your domain names and your server IP.
    6. After all the fields have been set up, service status will change from Pending to Initialized. You may need to wait a few minutes for the service status to change to Active.
    7. If you are currently under attacks, just update your DNS record (A Record of your web site) to point to the assigned IP, which is proxy server IP. Before you update, you can try it first by updating your local /etc/hosts to point to the proxy server IP.
    8. When attack is over, you can change your DNS record back.


    • Since all HTTP requests are proxyed through the assigned IP, access log of your site may log all requests as coming from the assigned IP. You need to tell web server to log IP address from the HTTP request header X-Forwarded-For added by the proxy server. If you are using Apache, you need to havel Apache module mod_rpaf installed. If you are using LiteSpeed web server, you need to add assigned IP as a trusted IP in Allowed list, and enable Use Client IP in Header.
    • If you have other anti-DDoS firewall setup on your server like CSF or DDoS Deflate script, you need to whitelist the assigned IP, or stop the script completely. If you have Apache anti-DDoS modules, like mod_evasive, you should disable it, it is pretty much useless.
    Disclaimer: Lite Speed Technologies reserves the right to terminate service at any time and without notice if your web site is for the purpose of pornography or illegal activity.
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