how to remove content from a website that defames me?

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    there is a website that putting texts about me that are not my own, who are denigrating me, talking bad about me.
    how can I remove that specific content?
    The site is hosted by litespeed.
  2. Michael

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    Hi Chacal,

    I'm sorry you've been defamed, but we do not host sites. We are a software developer. If you have seen an error page that says, "Proudly served by LiteSpeed Web Server", that simply means that the site's host is using our software. We have no information about or control over sites using our software. (Just like Microsoft has no control over documents written with Word.) You'll have to figure out how to contact the site owner or their host.

    Best of luck.


  3. theRKF

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    Contact an online defamation expert, like (disclaimer: former business associate, does good work)
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