How to switch from cPanel suPHP to Litespeed suexec?

Discussion in 'Install/Configuration' started by Guermo, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. Guermo

    Guermo Member

    I am currently using cPanel with PHP 5 suPHP (which doesn't work with open_basedir) as the handler and using the Apache conf file to work with Litespeed. If I want to properly switch to Litespeed should I recompile Apache with EasyApache and choose the mod_php module and open_basedir so that it will work properly as Litespeed SAPI with suexec? And then use the WHM plugin to compile the new PHP configuration?

    Also, what do I set ForceGID to?

    And, since I am on a VPS, which litespeed only allows to use one processor, when I exceed the use of that one processor will it then revert back to Apache, or how does that work?
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  2. Tony

    Tony Well-Known Member

    I can answer one question for you relating to suPHP which is what we used to run. You should be able to use the WHM plugin to build the matching PHP and it should have no issues. open_basedir will turn on once you switch over to lsws as the configuration portion is read from the httpd.conf anyways.

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