How to Troubleshoot and Fix a 406 Not Acceptable Error When Accessing .conf Files in a Specific Directory

Hello, I am trying to access .conf files in a specific directory on my LiteSpeed web server using an .htaccess file. Although I have added the necessary rules to the .htaccess file, I still receive a 406 Not Acceptable error when attempting to download the files. These .conf files are meant to be used with an SSHD or FTPS server. I want to allow access to the .conf file only in a directory such as mydir-1.0/confs, and the code I have used is as follows:

  <FilesMatch "\.(mydir-[1-9+].[0-9+]/confs)$">
    AddType text/plain .conf
Despite adding this code to the .htaccess file, I am still receiving the 406 error. Is it possible to resolve this issue for just one subdomain? Additionally, I would like to note that I am using DirectAdmin on this server.