How to use lsperld? Why there no instructions?

My CGI script is using too much CPU, I need some way to fix it. Specifically 1 perl script is using the majority of CPU resources. Please someone post step by step instructions on how to set this up. And if I contract with LSWS for 1 hour, would that be enough time to set it up?
Demo is not working again, I had to login to admin to restart it. Why is it not working so much? Is there configuration issue or is lsperld unstable?

Can you tell me about how much money it would cost to hire litespeed to install/configure lsperld for my server?
I know about the prices. $150 an hour for configuration. I am asking how many hours would it take to setup lsperld for my server? Since litespeed and lsperld is your own creation, it shouldn't take that long right? Another question, does lsperld work with all perl scripts? I am asking this because my script is not compatible with mod_perl but it does run fine under regular perl I think. I didn't need to tweak anything to get it to work with litespeed.


yes, setup lsperld won't take time, and believe you can do it well.
and I have same question with you: not sure if your script will be compatible with lsperld or how long will it take to get them working together. Suggest you set up it yourself, no more tricks than what demo shows. you can post the error messages here in error log for trouble shooting.