Discussion in 'General' started by capbiker, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. capbiker

    capbiker Active Member

    I am having major problems with my website at the moment. For some reason the website isn't loading up. The only thing that I have put it down to is having problems with the .htaccess file of which is located within the website direct.

    The error message that I am getting at the moment is:-

    [HTAccess] Failed to open [/home/youmeat6/public_html/.htaccess]: Permission denied

    The HTaccess file is located in the directory but is at the moment showing 0 in size.

    Has something happened to that to course litespeed not to load up the site correctly?

  2. mistwang

    mistwang LiteSpeed Staff

    Just remove it. or, check the permission.
  3. yulia

    yulia Active Member

    Did you ever fix this problem? I'm running LS with CPanel and I'm getting this.

    [ERROR] [HTAccess] Failed to open [/home/domain/public_html/.htaccess]: Permission denied
  4. MH-Andy

    MH-Andy New Member

    I had this exact same problem.

    I had this exact same problem and I've registered here to tell you what it was.

    It was PHP suEXEC you have to disable it when installing LiteSpeed server (It gives an option during setup)

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